avatarWell it’s been about five months since the Zuda competition ended and we’ve wrapped up the last page of the first chapter of The Rejects. I’ve got a ton of ideas for this universe and these characters in my head, unfortunately not so much in a narrative form yet. The second chapter of The Rejects is in about the middle of my writing que right now, and Wally has been eagar to dedicate his time to some more of his own stuff, so if I were to guestimate, I’d say 8 months from now would be the absolute earliest you could possibly see more of this story(and even that is a bit optimistic probably.) Unless of course we get some totally huge unexpected explosion of fan support, or publishing opportunity that we can’t turn down. We’ve touched on working together for some more, but nothing definite, and I wouldn’t really feel comfortable working with someone else.

In the mean time, you guys can look for updates of Barflys from me on Tuesdays and Saturdays from now on until my next Zuda entry is done, and then I’ll probably alternate updates with another comic (probably Modern Day Witchdoctor) My blogs on whatever comic I’m updating will mention new Rejects news when it’s available

And from Wally you should be reading Cubicles over on Drunk Duck, his blog will keep you informed on his stuff too!

Thanks for reading!