Like the Ultra-man comic, this story doesn’t chronicle actual events in the RU. It’s a comic book based on the crime fighting of the Black Talon. The strikingly different tone grew out of the mystery, and America’s general fear of the hero. As opposed to Ultra-man, who went public with his heroism, in order to lead by example, Black Talon has never given an interview or authorized merchandising. He remains in the shadows of Lugor City, not much more than an urban legend.

Many claim Lugor City itself as partially to blame. The overcrowded, the city has some of the worst schools, and the worst police force, and the worst public works in the nation. It’s a breeding ground for small time thugs, and the criminally insane. Most of the more powerful supervillains avoid it, because few want to rule the damned, leaving it prey to the most demented.