avatarWell, first the bad news. My latest submission to Zuda was rejected yesterday. Now the good news! I’ll be posting it online starting July 4th. The Rejects will still update on Tuesdays and the new comic will update on Saturdays, you’ll get their via a link on capcomics.net just like everything else. Three out of the four of my Zuda submissions have been rejected, and you’d think I’d learn better then to waste their time, but nope. Wally and I have been hustling to get these pages done while juggling our own projects. I need to get my next Zuda submission completed ASAP, I’m a little over half done as it is. Wally has started updating his second Zuda entry, Cubicles over at Drunk Duck so by all means go pay the man a visit and show some support! I’d like to thank all the nice people who left comments since we rebooted. I really appreciate them. I’ve always lamented not getting enough comments 😉