The Rejects is the story of two boys living in Middlebrook, a small city in the northeast. Their city has neither superheroes nor supervillains, so the closest they come to the action is watching it on TV or reading about it in a comic book.

One morning they wake up with super powers. Sort of. Chris finds himself with super strength, and invulnerabilty. Unfortunately, he has no control over when it works. Eric, seems to have limited control over electricity, with the palpable drawback that using his power drains his actual physical and mental energy, often times putting him to sleep.

The story is a telling of the lives of two boys living in a world full of superheroes. With enough power to no longer fit in as a civilian, and not so much that they can be superheroes themselves. It follows their conflict with both of these worlds, as they try to come to terms with that they are, try to figure out where their powers came from, and how they should use them.