Concept Art

Before I hooked up with Wally to submit to Zuda I’d considered drawing The Rejects myself. I put together these character models, which I think came out pretty well, but after a couple of rough pages that looked static and AWFUL and no one will ever, ever see them, I decided I either needed to become a WAY better artist to do it myself, or find someone who could do it better than me.

This is a character model Wally put together for the Black Talon. I don’t remember why he put it together… it might be because Eric’s Halloween costume looked SO SILLY that I didn’t know if it was possible to draw a cool version, but he easily proved me wrong.

Super rough concept of the characters Wally put together early in the project, my feedback was that the big belt made Derrick look southern, and Eric was too skinny, but otherwise I love showing some of the progression from early concept work to final product.

Our first piece of fan art! I got this in a trade with UniversalTiger